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Medid AG – Corporate Design / Identity Giudelines

MEDID works closely with orthopedists, traumatologists and other specialists to solve daily clinical problems. The product portfolio distributed in Switzerland includes implant systems (AXOMED / MARQUARDT, DE), consumables e. g. saw blades (KOMET, DE) and surgical power tools (NOUVAG, CH). These high-quality products are developed, tested and manufactured in Germany and Switzerland and oer an excellent price-performance ratio. Thanks to many years of experience, frequent surgical assistance and a comprehensive network of users, MEDID guarantees a high market proximity and therefore a clear understanding of clinical requirements. This close collaboration regularly leads to new ideas for eective niche products with the aims of a) facilitating the work of users, b) reducing surgery time and c) improving clinical outcomes. Products such as INWIFIX® or MOP® have emerged from this approach.

Always finding a solution with and for our customer is our motivation. To make things a little better, every single day.

Corporate Identity


Marcus Piller, Co Founder, CEO
The Design Giudelines

These guidelines describe the visual and verbal elements that represent MEDID’s corporate identity. This includes our name, logotype and other graphic elements such as colours, fonts and pictures. Sending a consistent and guided message of who we are and what we want to be in the mind of our customers, is essential to presenting a strong, unied image of our company. These guidelines reect MEDID’s commitment to quality, consistency and style.

Brands are like Russian dolls, with many layers, tenants and beliefs that create followings of people who find them relevant. Brands have to contain various factors, among which is consistency. This consistency should transcend messages, product lines and audience appeal. It should enhance our business and adding depth to our company’s presence. And it is one ingredient to grow the business and keep a loyal following.Our brand helps our customers to know what to expect. Our brand must be consistent and clear, so that it puts our customers at ease, because they know exactly what to expect each and every time they experience our brand. That is why we are coming up with this new and extended Corporate Design / Corporate Identity Manual.

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